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Agency: BANDIT
Client: Annie Thorisdottir

Who?: Reebok athlete, two times 'Fittest Women on the Planet'
Brand philosophy written by Stefan Pflug
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In an environment where the credo ‘no pain, no gain’ has long ruled, Annie presents an alternative outlook on life: while reaching your goals may come with sacrifice, do not forget to enjoy the journey.


If you meet Annie on the street tomorrow, chances are that you will be greeted with a smile. Although Annie has been one of the biggest names in CrossFit for years, she remains humble and down to earth, values that she prides herself of.


Passionate. From entrepreneurial endeavors to long hours at the gym, the reason for Annie’s extraordinary results is her passion. Not only is she committed to the projects, she is engaged in, she is driven by progress and the notion that results come only with hard work and dedication.


Thankful. Like everyone else, Annie has experienced adversity and challenges in her life. These have taught her the importance of humility, but more importantly that tomorrow is not granted and that life can change in an instant. So when you see Annie competing, body and mind pushed to the very limit, and yet still with a smile on her face, you should know that the smile comes from the realization that no moment is greater than right now. Annie finds balance in life by doing what makes her truly happy.


Family. To Annie, it all begins and ends with family. The support that Annie’s family and friends have continuously provided for her throughout her life remains the greatest source of inspiration for Annie. She always seeks to surround herself with positive people, as she draws energy from her surroundings.



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