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Payday 3 / Follow the Money (DC)
Starbreeze Entertainment and Deep Silver present Payday 3. 
Available for PS5 Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

Creative Director: Oscar Wickman Starbreeze Studios.
Production Company: THIRSTY FILM 
Producer: Niklas Adolfsson
Production Service: Münchhausen Productions 
Local producers: Elina Jozauska & Elina Rode


Director: Stefan Pflug
DOP: Jacob Møller (DFF), ArtOfficialAgency
Casting Director: Beatrise Zake 
Production designer: Aldis Meinerts 
1st AD: Katrina Tomasicka
Stylist: Katrina Liepa
Special Effect Management: Hummer Højmark, DSFX
Armourer: Flemming Christensen, DSFX
Gaffer: Eduards Stefanovics
Stunt: Wanted Stunt Squad


Post Production: Chemistry Film
Editor: Anders Jon, ArtOfficialAgency
Post-producer: Rose Aspöck
Colorist: Nurali Kushkov
VFX: Mario Maruska & Victor Beckmann


Sound design: Chemistry Sound
Chief Sound design: Kevin Koch
Assistant sound editor: Anne Gry Christensen

Original score: Jonas Horsted
Performed by Vienna Symphony 
Orchestrator and conductor: Evan Rogers 

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